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Our Acoustical Consulting Services Include:

  • Noise and Vibration Measurements
  • Noise Level Monitoring Programs
  • Noise Management Reports
  • Acoustical Permitting Studies
  • Detailed Frequency Analysis
  • Noise Impact Computer Modeling Prediction
  • Mitigation Evaluation and Design
  • Noise Mitigation Systems
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Welcome to Environmental Noise Control, Inc.  We specialize in all aspects of environmental noise and vibration measurement, analysis and control. Practical noise and vibration control solutions and materials are available for all types of unwanted noise and vibration conditions.

Our engineering services include: Field Noise and Vibration Measurements, Acoustical Surveys, Noise Assessments and Impact Studies, Traffic and Stationary Source Noise Measurement, Isoauditory Mapping, Mitigation Design, Environmental Approvals, Permitting and Acoustical Audits.

We inventory a full line of noise control materials, including acoustical absorber and barrier materials, mass loaded vinyl, noise control blankets and panels, acoustical foam, vibration isolation mounts, soundproof door and window gaskets, and quiet windows.

Professional installation services are available from our own licensed contractors experienced in installing noise control systems.


New! Acoustic Beamforming Services

Noise Control by Industry

Entertainment   Commercial   Residential

From studios and movie sets to premier parties and events, ENC has the experence and noise control materials to meet the acoustic needs of the entertainment industry.


Our flexible approach to meeting customer sound control needs allows us to serve a wide variety of clients.


To improve the quality of your home, we can design acoustical solutions and recommend noise control treatments and materials.

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Industrial   Construction   Oil & Gas

From rooftop equipment noise barriers to pump motor enclosures, to  facility noise control systems, ENC can reduce industrial noise.


ENC offers a wide selection of temporary construction noise and vibration control solutions, including sound walls, portable sound control panels and equipment noise control systems. Construction noise abatement programs and site noise measurements are also provided.


Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
From draw works brake shrouds to drilling rig and production equipment acoustical barrier walls and enclosures, ENC offers numerous solutions to quiet down noisey drilling sites and  oil & gas well production equipment.

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