The ENC Movable Modular Acoustical (MMA)

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Sound Control Panel system is manufactured using state of the art acoustical composite materials and is designed for quick and simple field installation where an immediate noise control solution is required.

Fabricated with a pre-painted steel U-panel outer skin and a specially developed 3.2 #/ft2 composite construction barrier/absorber acoustical insulation system, ENC MMA Sound Control Panels are designed to provide optimum performance for both blocking and absorbing unwanted sound for permanent and semi-permanent equipment installations and yet be easily disassembled to facilitate major equipment maintenance.

Applications include:

  • Compressor enclosures
  • Generator enclosures
  • Traffic sound barriers


  • Construction site sound walls
  • Directional Drilling
  • Excavation
  • Demolition

About the MMA Sound Control Panel System

  • Specs

  • Support Structure: 4″ Sheduled 40 Galvanized Steel pipe in augured holes
  • Panel Skin: 26 Gauge U-panel Sheeting
  • Panel Size: 8’-4” wide by 8’ to 16’ High
  • Insulation System: 3.2 #/ft2 Custom Composite Barrier and Absorber
  • Sound Transmission Class: STC-40
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient: NRC = 1.10