• Project at a Glance

  • Environmental Noise Control, Inc. performed a computer noise study and model on a compressor station in Colorado, USA.
  • ENC established that the compressor station did not comply with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) noise limits.
  • ENC designed and installed noise mitigation during an oil & gas acoustical project, ensuring that the compressor station complied with FERC limits.
  • Custom silencer banks and ENC’s industrial permanent acoustic walls were utilized in this project.

Antero Resources Corporation commissioned Environmental Noise Control, Inc. to provide a noise study for a compressor station in Colorado, USA. The assessment used acoustic computer modeling to determine noise compliance within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) limits.

The compressor station consisted of several compressors and vertical coolers housed in a compressor building. ENC’s acoustic computer noise modeling showed that the compressor building would require noise mitigation to reduce noise levels to those Clomid clomiphene citrates to be within FERC regulations.

Using the computer noise model and report, ENC could design a complete noise mitigation plan that ensured FERC noise requirement compliance, saving time and costs associated with installing “off the shelf” materials that may not have had as significant an effect on the compressor noise.

The mitigation modeled and implemented on the compressor station included ENC silencer banks on the cooling towers and ENC’s permanent industrial acoustical walls to conclude the oil & gas acoustical project.

ENC’s industrial permanent structure encloses the compressor station and ensures noise compliance with FERC.

Noise modeling shows this compressor station complies with FERC. *Representation only, not for reproduction.

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