General Noise Measurement and Surveys

For and existing activity, noise monitoring can record the actual noise levels to prove compliance with regulatory requirements.  We provide a range of noise monitoring services, including short-term, long-term, semi-permanent or permanent.  Our large inventory of Type 1 and Type 2 sound monitoring equipment can be configured to suit the requirements of any sound monitoring project.

Many cities require ambient sound level measurements and noise management plans as part of the permitting process for industrial, commercial, oil and gas and environmental works.  ENC conducts ambient sound level surveys to monitor existing noise levels before the project is underway.  Typical ambient sound level surveys last 24 or 72 hours but can be customized to any length of time to satisfy any city permitting requirements.

Ambient sound level measurements are taken before activity begins at a proposed location to establish non-operational, or baseline, ambient sound levels.  Many noise ordinances use the measured ambient sound levels to calculate allowable operational sound levels.  For operations that have already begun, ENC offers operational sound level measurements.  Operational sound measurements can be used to verify compliance with allowable operational levels and also to demonstrate the noise impact of the project operations in the surrounding area.


Sound Level Meter with Solar Panels Measuring Drilling Rig Noise

Our technicians will deploy the meter at a predetermined location, ensuring the best monitoring position is selected for the project.  We can deploy web based meters to provide real-time noise, vibration and weather data which is accessible anytime via a web-browser.  Utilizing countless hours of noise monitoring all over the world, ENC will be able to customize a noise monitoring solution to meet your needs.

  • Noise Measurement and Surveys:
    At a Glance

  • Short or long term monitoring
  • Noise surveys to determine existing noise levels
  • Noise measurements can be used for noise reports and noise modeling
  • Can be customized for your project’s needs
  • Web-based monitoring available

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