ENC offers both short and long-term rental, purchase with a buy-back and outright purchase of noise mitigation systems.


Design and Fabrication


Environmental Noise Control offers design of noise mitigation, typically following the completion of an acoustical survey.

Our engineers will work within project guidelines and acceptable noise levels at sensitive receivers to design a cost-effective, noise reducing system that fits your project’s needs.

Once approved, ENC will fabricate your own custom noise control system or fulfill your order of our in-stock options, taking into account ground conditions, topographical concerns, overhead obstacles and installation constraints.

ENC Temporary K-Rail Sound Wall System: No Ground Drilling

  • Full Service Noise Mitigation:
    At a Glance

  • A realized noise mitigation tool fit for your projects needs
  • Design, fabrication, delivery, installation and removal can be provided
  • Turn-key systems are cost effective and save time
  • Liscensed contractors and installers are professional and efficient
  • Noise mitigation can be verified once installed to ensure compliance

Delivery and Installation


After designing and fabricating your custom noise mitigation system, Environmental Noise Control can provide delivery of sound control materials to your project location within a specified time.

ENC also offers complete installation or installation supervision of your noise mitigation system on location.

At the completion of your project, Environmental Noise Control will remove sound control materials and return any rented systems to our yard.

Our full service noise mitigation offerings make it easy and efficient to utilize sound control on your project.


Tank Battery Facility

ENC was contracted to perform an acoustical beamforming survey and analysis of a tank battery facility in Lompoc, CA in response to noise complaints by nearby residences.
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