Noise Mitigation 101:

What is the difference between sound and noise?  Noise is sound that is unwanted and/or bothersome to the receiver!

Therefore, noise mitigation is the absorption or

blocking of unwanted sound in any environment.

ENC provides materials and products for both absorbing and blocking.

When a sound wave is absorbed, both peaks of it’s linear wave are trapped within an absorption material.  This essentially “kills” that sound wave and prevents it from propagating both beyond the absorptive material or bouncing off the material and traveling back along the path on which it came.

When a sound wave is blocked, one or none of it’s peaks of it’s linear wave may be absorbed, dampening the sound which moves with the wave traveling back along the path it came in on, and also significantly blocking the noise that propagates through the blocking material.

ENC’s SK8 Barrier Panels Block Unwanted Noise 

  • Noise Mitigation:
    At a Glance

  • An Environmental Noise Control designed and engineered tool to stop unwanted sound
  • Portability and adaptability allows for customized enclosure design and maximum effectiveness
  • Multiple ENC products can be used for increased protection
  • Laboratory tested materials
  • Fire rated certifications that apply to most projects

Environmental Noise Control’s Proprietary Noise Mitigation


All blankets, portable panels, permanent structures, silencers, mufflers, temporary walls, sk8 panels.


Tank Battery Facility

ENC was contracted to perform an acoustical beamforming survey and analysis of a tank battery facility in Lompoc, CA in response to noise complaints by nearby residences.
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