Web Based Real-Time Monitoring Service

Environmental Noise Control offers a unique web-based service where the client can observe noise, vibration and weather data recorded by the sensor modules in real time and can listen to audio data of noise that exceeds ordinance limits or project specifications.

Short-term, long-term, permanent, and semi-permanent noise monitoring services are offered to our clients to provide continuous noise level documentation, compliance verification, and operating condition noise impact analysis. ENC’s sound level meters record noise and vibration levels generated by a project site or capture the ambient levels of a proposed site location before operation.

After reviewing any applicable noise and vibration ordinances, ENC personnel will deploy a sound monitoring system at our client’s site in a predetermined location to measure and document operational sound and vibration levels.  The measured data is collected and prepared in a report on a daily or weekly basis.  The sound level data is prepared and presented in accordance with the applicable ordinance and can be presented as instantaneous or average levels.

To provide further noise analysis, ENC also offers long-term frequency logging.  Audio recording is also available to help identify the source of the sound level “spikes” throughout the logging period.

The main component of the monitoring stations is a calibrated sound level meter programmed to log sound levels.  ENC personnel visit the site daily and download the logged data on a laptop computer.  The data is brought back to the office for processing.  ENC has worked with Bruel & Kjaer to help develop a 3G remote wireless monitoring system that is downloaded from our servers at anytime.  It is also possible to set up an alert system, notifying the client via text message or email whenever noise and/or vibration levels are exceeded.

The wireless monitoring system provides ENC and our clients with real-time sound and vibration level data with just a few clicks on a computer.

These systems are powered by solar panels which allow us to deploy them in remote locations.  To date, wireless monitoring systems have been deployed on drill sites in remote areas of Southern California, the Barnett Shale, Texas, the Gulf Shores and in Alabama.  The self-contained power and communication system has allowed for deployment on offshore drilling rigs as well.

As part of our service, we can provide written reports detailing the findings and draw conclusions as to what temporary or permanent sound mitigation is needed.

The recorded noise level data is used by our engineering team for analysis and is a vital component when incorporated into our signature services, including:  Noise Impact Analysis, Ambient Sound Level Surveys, Code Compliance Surveys and Real-Time Web Based Compliance Verification.

  • Our remote field monitoring systems are solar powered with battery backup and are loaded with environmental sensor modules which can include:

  • Sound Level – dBA with continuous audio recording and level alarms with data logging
  • Sound Level – dBC with continuous audio recording and level alarms with data logging
  • 4-Sensor Weather Station featuring:
    • wind speed
    • wind direction
    • rain intensity or relative humidity
    • air temperature
  • Vibration Level Monitoring
  • Dust Level Monitoring
  • Some common applications of our monitoring systems include:

  • Infrastructure Projects (blasting, piling, demolition, landscaping, etc)
  • Construction Projects
  • Installations (quarries, mineral processing, waste management, etc)
  • Transport Facilities (subway, road, rail, bridge, etc)
  • Environmental Impact (groundwater, air pollution, ozone, oil & gas, etc)