The BAENC Safety Mission: A company-wide commitment to being incident and injury free.

We promote a culture of caring and are intolerant of any incident or injury.


We believe all people have intrinsic worth and our employees are valued and respected for who they are.


We work and live safely because of a deep belief in the concept of personal and job site safety, rather than compliance laws.


We consider relationships to be the foundation of any and all accomplishments.  Making connections, both professionally and personally, defines our success.


We commit to an incident and injury free job site.

  • How BAENC Achieves Our Safety Misson

  • Safety Training
  • Comprehensive Employee Short Service (SEE) Program
  • Job Site Audits
  • Safety Communication
  • Full Time Safety Manager
  • Daily Task Analysis
  • New Employee/Green Hard Hat Program
  • Safe Work Procedures


BAENC has an extensive safety


BAENC is proud to be a member of the following safety organizations:

The Results of Our Safety Mission

By focusing on employee training, detailed safety communication and developing a culture of caring, we achieve our goal to be incident and injury free and remain an industry leader in safety.