Identify noise source

Identifying the source of the sound is the first step in the process of noise mitigation.  Following source identification, various methods can be used to evaluate noise reduction techniques.
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Measure & Report noise level

We provide a wide range of noise study services, including Environmental Impact Report Studies (EIRs), outdoor sound assessments, environmental noise monitoring, and code compliance studies.
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Generate predictive model
of noise impact

Using our noise modeling software, ENC engineers predict sound levels at specific locations to observe and quantify the impacts of sound propagation within the environment.
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Design & Develop mitigation options

After environmental noise studies are completed and presented, a wide range of design and mitigation options are available.  Solutions are customized to each individual project.
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Decide on course of action

There are many different noise mitigation systems to be considered.  ENC works carefully with client teams to determine the optimum, cost-effective solution for each project.
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Install noise mitigation system

ENC offers turn key installation, installation supervision and direct product sales and rentals.  Our licensed installers are experienced and work quickly and effectively to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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Verify results & code compliance

ENC’s follow-up services include post-installation testing to verify noise mitigation results and to provide proof of code compliance as necessary.
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